Gain insights from publicly available data

Speeds up information gathering from marketplaces, websites and social media platforms to turn it into quality informations. Uncover business opportunities and detect early-risks with Artificial Intelligence based Analytics Tools.

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Why Insaito?

We use AI technology to turn data into knowledge. With customized analytics and user-friendly reporting tools, such as dashboards, where you can see real-time results, spot opportunities for growth and make data-driven decisions.

Market Intelligence

Discover e-commerce and digital retail insights through our dashboard.

Product Monitoring

Monitor changes in product metrics, such as sales, price, growth, and seller.

Competitor Analysis

Track and analyze sales changes in competitors product and pricing strategy.

Automatic Report

Generate customized reports and data visualizations to promote business growth.

Built for every brand.
Optimized for SME, Enterprise, and Agency.

Our goal is to enable every brand to analyze digital commerce statistics in every e-commerce platform and retail websites. Our platform is optimized for small and big organization to monitor market, product, competitor, and sales trend.


Understand real-time digital commerce activities. Become market leader through smarter business decisions.


Build and empower marketing strategies
for your clients based on real market data
and insights.


Analyze market opportunities and problems to empower digital commerce success.

We have helped Brands accelerate their
e-commerce and retail monitoring process
from weeks to hours.

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