AI-powered Insights Platform for Growing Startup

Insaito Platform help business to grow by simplifying data cleaning process and understanding AI generated insights.

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Growing a startup can be hard.
With Insaito, it can be easier.

Insaito Data Platform makes it easy for you to understand the most important insights and metrics through the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Think of us as a data science-as-a-service for enterprise, but built for startups.

And, here what we can do for you:

For Business Team

Business team can understand underlying growth factors from millions data points in seconds. Decision making process is made more confidently with AI Driven Insights.

Instant business insights and real time notification
KPI & metrics dashboard to track growth

For Data & Tech Team

Data cleaning and normalization are very painful, and without it intelligent insights cannot be obtained.

With Insaito, tech team can simply normalize and clean data in few simple steps.

Our APIs and seamless integration enables you to easily import and connect relevant data.

Features that drive success

KPI & Metrics Dashboard
Select from our 'investor loved metrics' templates or build your own dashboard and show them to important stakeholders.
AI-Driven Analysis
Analyze and generate actionable insights from millions of data points.
Real Time Notification
Know important changes faster and better than manual data analysis.
Data Normalization
Easily clean dirty data in minutes (misspellings & unstructured data).
Master Data List
Create a unique master data list upon user created unstructured data.
API & Integrations
Cconnect and integrate data through csv, google sheets or SQL databases.
Covid-19 impacted business
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